Salary Paid on Time, All the Time

in 3 Easy Steps


attendance Attendance Data

Give us raw attendance data taken straight from the attendance machine and we will process it for you. No need to summarize, count or recap the data yourself.

Overtime Overtime

For each day, fill in our overtime form with the overtime hour of each employee that day. We will process the overtime payment for you, without you needing to do monthly recap or other processing.

New Recruit New Recruit

Simply give us a copy of appointment letter and we will make sure the new employee gets paid on time .The new employee data will be available for you to see in PAY- HR Cloud.


Pickup Delivery Pickup & Delivery

You can request for our messengers to pick up the data at regular intervals or email it yourself. Other delivery options are also available.

Just Fill the Forms Just Fill the Forms

You can also use our standard forms to input attendance, overtime, new and resigned employee, salary change, and other information. All forms are designed to be easy-to-use and hassle- free. You simply fill in the forms with raw data regularly for us to process.

Termination Termination

Just give us a copy of the termination letter, clearance sheet, or other documents used in your organization, and we will process the F&F (Full & Final) for the terminating employee.


Step 2: We Do the Process


Payroll Process

Once everything is in order, we will utilize our powerful software to perform accurate calculations on Take Home Pays (base salaries, allowances, bonuses and other variables), Provident Fund Contributions, TDS and other deductions.

Step 3: You Get the Result

Here comes the best part


Salary Salary Slip

We will provide a salary slip either in hard or softcopy for each employee. Various delivery options are available including courier service, email to each employee or uploaded to Employee Self Service (ESS) in Pay- HR Cloud.

Bank Transfer Bank Transfer

If required, we can make an arrangement to let us upload the bank transfer file using eBanking system of your choice. You will only need to authorize the transaction to commit the payment.

3rd Party Reporting Third Party Reporting

We provide services to handle reporting to government agencies including monthly and quarterly TDS, labour law compliances and reporting, ES/ESI payment and reporting.


HR Cloud HR Cloud

With Pay-HR Cloud, simply login to view all the data we have entered and conveniently track any changes. User defined reports functionality is available to allow you construct various reports according to your needs.

Salary Journal Salary Reports

We will provide all type of salary reports and other statistical data for continuous improvement of your HR Capital Management and taking it to the next level.

taxTax Payment & Returns

We will ensure all payroll related statutory compliances including payment/processing of payroll taxes & PF Contributions. Filling of statutory returns and representations at government departments would not be your headache anymore.