A basic corporate requirement is an adequate payroll structure complying with labour, accounting and tax dispositions. We process expertise expatriate, executive and employee payrolls in accordance with your requirements. The demands of the modern organisation on the executive in business can pull the executive in many directions, multiplying their responsibilities, dividing their attention, crippling their efforts. There is a way to stay focused on your core business and not get distracted towards the other segment. Partnering with professionals who perform those non-core functions on your behalf, will divert the attention of your executives back to their core functions and capabilities.

Continuous changes in legal laws and compliances have made it increasingly difficult for the executive to keep up with all the compliances and tax laws.

At "Payroll in India" we believe that all companies are different and each company has their own specific needs in their specific markets. We believe that the type of payroll service that works best for each company depends on the needs and circumstances of the business. Our multidisciplinary approach provides each company with a complete customized service which is tailored to the company's specific requirements.

"We believe in efficient, customized, integrated payroll systems."


  • Our USP : EpaySlip
  • Accuracy guaranteed. With a track record of high accuracy, you can count on us to get it right.
  • Processing options. We offer choices to fit the way you do business.
  • Reduced compliance risk. We'll keep up with the complex maze of changing regulations, forms and tax jurisdictions - and make sure your firm stays compliant.
  • Accessible information. View your payroll reports anytime, anywhere, online.
  • Audits:We undergo audits for continuos improvement.
  • General ledger friendly. We can provide detailed and custom reports based on the output you need.
  • Expertise in employment-related Tax and Compliance matters.
  • Vast reductions in time, effort and money spent on payroll administration
  • More focus on core business because of peace of mind.

Choosing payroll in India means a shortcut of taking your Human Capital Management to the next level. We are a dedicated team of tax expertise who believes in transforming your payroll system.